Hello 50

So, hello 50. So the doc said I “should get a colonoscopy.” He alerted the colonoscopers, and the colonoscopers contacted and scheduled me for Aug. 2.

So they mailed me two prescriptions and a pamphlet instructing me to not eat for 24 hours prior to the colonoscopic procedure. Sometime during those 24 hours I was to mix the prescribed syrupy concoction with a gallon of water, and take that and the prescribed laxative pill, then hang on to my hat as the self administered bowel cleanse evacuates.

So the pamphlet read that on the procedure day they’ll give me drugs that will numb not only my piping but also to a degree my head, and the numbing will linger, which means I’d need to find someone to pick me up and drive me home. The total situation from fasting to the end of the lingering drug funk, will last a goodly 30 hours, or a loss of two workdays.

So the pamphlet noted that I was to, at 9 the next morning, at the hospital in a robe, lay on my side and accept a camera up the keester for the purpose of checking for polyps and signs of cancer or other intestinal issues.

I’m not complaining, it’s my choice, but I don’t have medical insurance, and the drugs and procedure will ring up nearly $1,500.

Pa died at 93, quite possibly with an intestine fairly well populated with polyps.

Ma is 81, and had her first colonoscopy three years ago, and came though clear as a drum …, the eye can see …, ah, the ring of a bell, clear as the ringing of a bell, is what I’m looking for. And my sister, who, between you and I has some intestinal issues, has had a colonoscopy, and checked out perfect.

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