ACR developer: Green group's plan would violate APA regs

Opposing sides sparred again Thursday over whether the Adirondack Club & Resort should be redesigned.

Discussions during hearings on the Adirondack Club & Resort have focused on several alternative plans presented by witnesses hired by the Adirondack Council who testified earlier this week. Those plans call for a more densely clustered development with a vibrant village center at the base of the ski lifts.

Representatives of the developer testified Thursday that the Council's alternatives would not be approvable by the APA because they cluster too many units on resource management lands.

Jeffrey Anthony, president of the LA Group, said the plan would violate APA regulations because it exceeds the number of allowable structures on resource management lands by at least 64 units. He also said it has nearly 30 structures that are too close to wetlands and almost 90 on slopes with grades steeper than 25 degrees.

During a cross examination, John Caffry, a lawyer representing the environmental group Protect the Adirondacks, asked whether Anthony thought the Council's plan could be adjusted to conform to APA requirements.

After an objection by the applicant's attorney, Caffry rephrased the question.

"Would it be possible to relocate some of the units from resource management to an [intensive use] area? Could units be moved?" Caffry asked.

"Absolutely," Anthony responded.

Even though he conceded that units could hypothetically be moved, Anthony remained resolute about keeping an existing plan to spread 650 units over a 6,000-acre tract that includes the ski area in Tupper Lake.

He said the Council's alternative plan to cluster development and shops on a smaller footprint around the ski area would create a "very urban experience."

Anthony said they designed the resort to offer more contact with nature and views of natural landscapes.

They said the Council's plans are so densely clustered that many units have views of parking lots or other houses.

"How many people want to come to the Adirondacks and look out on a parking lot?" Anthony asked.

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