We have the resiliency to persevere through crisis

It seems we have a lot on our plates these days. Most every conversation seems to be focused on the crisis events of the day. The list seems endless depending on your point of view, state of life or how you may feel or be personally affected.

Let's start with the high price of gasoline and heating fuel. Add to it, the lack of a more focused energy policy, conservation methods, and the effects of the devastating oils spill in the gulf.

How about the financial crises found in many local, state or federal governments, compounded by the frustration over how they choose to spend the taxes they collect?

The discord between political parties, candidates and social classes affecting both worker and employer's rights is certainly cause for high-spirited debate.

What about the vicious storms that have swept across the U.S. and countries around the world causing earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, wild fires, flooding, landslides, disease, lack of food, water, housing and nuclear disaster?

Then there is the unrest in the Middle East, governments waging war on their people and the many innocents caught in between the various factions. We see wars, peacekeeping missions, the threats of terrorism, senseless killing and destruction with no end in sight.

There are fears regarding health insurance, Social Security, Medicaid, and other critical safety net programs.

We see needless violence, random shootings, bullying in our schools, drug use in society, violence at our southern borders and youth far too young to be committing suicide. We've recently read and heard about airline controllers asleep in the control towers, passengers left for hours on the tarmacs, collisions on the runways and no more free peanuts, pillows or blankets.

There is plenty to talk about when it comes to our stress-relieving pastimes with the NFL strike/lockout, entertainers who appear to self destruct due to abuses in their lives, and athletes using performance enhancing drugs. We've got plenty of new age stress, too, with identity theft, computer companies tracking our every move, social media going too far or not far enough.

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