Other than my yard, I believe that my house is ready for the warmer weather. I just need to repair my lawn mower, which seems to hate the sand we have for soil. Mowing can be quite an experience with lots of billowing clouds of dust that my air filter just loves.

Still no word on the contests, but I traveled downstate which threw my timing all off. School is back in session, and my life is in a little more of a regular routine for the moment, so hopefully I will get a chance to call the town office and see where the contests stand.

I also plan to call the library as I'm sure by now some events are scheduled for the spring. Again, I really love the quality of our small town library and the depth of services available to us.

Something new to report: the fire damaged building where Barkeater Barbeque was located was quickly torn down and the lot leveled. I loved the restaurant and the couple who ran it and felt very badly at their misfortune. I hope the signs of the demolish means things are being down to the location and will hopefully include the owners of the barbeque. If anyone knows what is going on with the lot please drop me a line and I will report the goings on here in this column. When in doubt, I see a quick trip to my expert on all things local, Speedy at Arnolds, to get some information.

Recently my neighbor has been burning a lot of leaves. I don't really mind this at all, but it does drive me nuts to have opened up my house to get some fresh air after our long winter only to have to close back up quickly due to all the smoke. When burning, make sure to follow all the new codes which can be found on the state's Web site in the Department of Environment section and please keep the neighbors notified so they can plan accordingly and never, ever leave the fire unattended. I'm reading more than enough about wildfires in the paper, and I don't want to see it in the local section of the news at all.

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