Expert: hypnosis may help diabetes

"In hypnosis you are more suggestible, but will not do anything you truly do not want to do, so you are a great candidate if you want to control your diabetes to live a long and healthful life. Hypnosis is not a one-shot magical quickie any more than conventional medical treatment. Rather, it allows clients to gain increasing control of their lives and health following a well-directed and time-tested therapeutic protocol," she said

Skiffington is a member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and an Associate of the Success Center of Encino, Calif.

As the author of "You Can Nurse Your Adopted Baby: 80 Tips for Ensuring Success," she is an informal advisor for adoptive mothers wishing to breastfeed. Her specialty is women's health and weight control, using the most current hypnosis techniques, including parts therapy, regression, and core transformation. Her practice is located in Bristol and around the world, 'seeing' clients across the U.S. and in the UK via Skype and telephone.

Skiffington also hosts the annual "Knitting for Your Soul" meditation retreat in Middlebury and monthly smoking cessation workshops through Bristol Recreation Dept. She can be contacted at 345-2948 or via her Web site: www.HypnosisWorksVermont.com.

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