I have started to stretch out my walks again and am venturing back into the downtown area and I suddenly realized something. The dinosaur is gone. I have loved since I moved to Keeseville the metal skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex that peeks out between the bushes on the corner of the intersection on Route 9N. It is just such a neat thing to see all of a sudden and at night with the lighted mouth - very neat. I see that there is a for sale sign on the property, but I would love to know the story behind the dinosaur as well as why it has disappeared.

My friend from downstate has settled in up here in Keeseville finally, and we went out shopping for all the basic necessities when she was quick to mention how even small as Keeseville is between Mac's grocery, Keeseville Pharmacy, Adirondack Hardware, Arnold's and Family Dollar we had no need to shop anywhere else, and, as a former Poughkeepsie girl, she was quite pleased with the prices in the stores and was very impressed with the friendliness that I see as very common place and very appreciated. She was also very impressed with the quality of the restaurants. From living here for several years this is an appreciated second nature thing but it is so nice to see someone else be so impressed by Keeseville friendliness.

If you are looking for something outdoor fun to do, don't forget the tennis and basketball court or watching the afterschool sports can be a fun way to spend the afternoon.

I plan on calling the town office later in the week and see if I can get an update on the summer contests as well as visit the library as I'm sure Mary and company will have lots planned to keep our summer busy.

Now I just need to find the time to rake my yard, which of course makes the visits to Mac's ice cream all the more of a reward! Stay safe and well everybody and enjoy our great community.

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