A short history of broccoli

Have you ever had serious second thoughts about something? Of course, I usually have severe trouble with establishing first thoughts. But once I have finished a serious thought I like put it behind me and go on with life.

For example. For years, people have been telling me how harmful drinking coffee is. Something to do, so they tell me, with being addicted to caffeine. Then, if I cannot give up coffee, I am to limit the number of cups of coffee I drink per day.

This has always caused me great concern because I can never remember how many cups of coffee I have had in any given day. I suppose I could keep a tally and mark down every cup I drink. This in itself poses a serious problem for me.

When I am in a restaurant and drinking coffee and my cup is half-empty and the waitress tops off my coffee, is that considered one or two cups of coffee?

What about my coffee mug at home? Does it hold one or two cups of coffee?

By the time I have had my thoughts thoroughly stirred about the consumption of caffeine I read a health report informing us that caffeine helps prevent heart attack.

If that is true, and I have no reason not to believe it, there will be no heart attacks in my family for the next ten generations.

All that guilt I felt for years about drinking too much coffee has really been for nothing. Therefore, in a show of good faith, I plan to drink as much coffee as I jolly well please.

Then there was the episode about chocolate. According to those people who hate other people enjoying themselves, chocolate is supposed to be bad for you. Or so they opined.

For years, I have been secretly eating chocolate behind the back of the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. She is one who takes these warnings rather seriously. Rather, I should say, she takes them out on me. For years chocolate was a forbidden substance in our otherwise merry domicile.

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