Floor resolutions concern Scozzafava

ELIZABETHTOWN-The introduction of two resolutions during the April 7 meeting of the Essex County Board of Supervisors left one member of the board questioning the need for committee procedure.

A resolution to add payroll for a part-time member of the County Treasurer's office to help file the annual report to the state and to help fund the new Wilmington road race drew the ire of Moriah Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava.

"Quite frankly there should have been more discussion on this through committee," Scozzafava said about the resolution to issue a permit for the use of county roads for the upcoming Wilmington bicycle road race and $6,000 in funding to help promote the event. "These resolutions that appear in the 11th hour at a full board meeting, that come right out of the blue, we have to start getting a handle on that too. I know you have to have 11 or 12 to get it on the floor, but there should be discussion on this through the committee process as there should have been discussion on Ms. Karcher's position through the committee process."

Scozzafava was referring to a resolution that authorized the use of $5,799.02 to cover the part-time salary of Carolyn Karcher, who has been helping to file the annual report to the state of New York.

"I apologize for the short notice in giving this and I take responsibility for not getting this through Finance," said county treasurer Michael Diskin. "What I am asking to do is to extend my part-time employee, Carolyn Karcher, to continue for a period of time to finish the things we need to do in transitioning to a new deputy. One of them and the key to all of this is the annual report that we are filing now."

Board Chairman Randy Douglas asked if Diskin had the money in his budget, to which he responded that he did not.

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