Thoughts on shutting down the government

They might shut the government down. The politicians have said they might shut the government down. Okay, I hear them, but I don't have a clue what that means. Do you?

I don't know why they might shut it down, don't know when, for how long, or how they'll start it back up when what ever needs to happen for them to start it up happens. I only know as recent as this morning I've been hearing they might shut the government down. That's all I know. Yet -

I haven't checked if it's shut down or not. I should because it might mean no mail. If the government shuts down today, should I skip stopping at my mail box? Should I just roll right on by? If the government shuts down it might mean we'll save ungodly amount of tax money on government salaries. It might mean the guys filling potholes in our roads will stop filling them, and this time of year, here in Vermont, that would suck.

Will our troops get time off? Will the wars we're fighting end, if the government shuts down? I don't know.

The they, in the who might be shutting the government down, might not be they, the they might be the who, who is the President, deciding if the government will be shut down. That's a muddled sentence if I've ever written one. I should be a politician.

But, I think the they is the they, not just the President. You know what? I don't think a President has much say so about much, really.

I never, ever, ever, have done online (news) research for a column until now on this shutdown, and I found if there is a shutdown, the IRS will stop processing paper tax returns, the Small Business Administration will stop making loans, and federal home loan guarantees will be put on hold.

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