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•Don't Let the Hecklers Get You Down. In many games, some fan is shouting above the crowd for the batter to miss, or the pitcher to throw badly, or deriding the umpire's calls. Taking such spiteful criticism to heart will only ruin the player's pleasure in the game and his chance of winning. "Everywhere in life you run into people rooting for you to fail," said Liberthson. "Look at these professional athletes on the field and think about how the rival team is hoping they'll fall flat on their faces. Still, these men often manage to succeed. It's a good lesson for life: ignore unhelpful criticism if you are giving the game your best. You won't have a chance to win if you don't stop beating yourself and letting the hecklers beat you."

•You Can't Win By Yourself. Baseball is a team sport. Sure, some teams have high-paid 'hot shots,' but without nine players on each team and many support staff there is no game. The same is true of life: you can be the best at what you do, but if you're not surrounded by good, supportive people whom you treat well, your chances of enjoying the experience are zero.

"Life is hard, but at its core life is a game, a serious game. Maybe who wins or loses the game isn't as important as how a player feels about the job he's done as he walks off the field," Liberthson said.

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