Turning Back the Pages

Death came unexpected

George Printiss Butler, senior member of the stock exchange firm of George P. Butler & Brother, of New York City, whose summer residence was on the west side of Friends Lake, dropped dead April 7, 1911 in front of the Hotel Grosvenor in London, England. He had been traveling in Algiers and Egypt since January with his wife and daughter and was in the process of rushing home to America after he had received the news of his mother's serious illness. He was stricken with heart disease and died almost instantly as he was about to enter the hotel.

The family spent the summer at Friends Lake and was often seen riding about Warrensburgh and the surrounding countryside behind a four-mule team.

He blamed it on the whiskey

Danny Jackson, who was recently released from the Elmira reformatory on parole for stealing a horse, is now incarcerated in jail at Lake George awaiting trial for stealing yet another horse. Danny has been living with his mother, Mrs. Eliza Jackson on Spruce Mountain, in north Warrenburgh.

Sheriff Thomas J. Smith was notified that a horse belonging to Paul Smith, who lives a short distance above the Toll Gate (now corner of Route 28) on the Chester Road, had been stolen some time Saturday night, April 15, 1911. The sheriff and the owner of the animal started out in hot pursuit and tracked the horse to the Pucker Street road and over the Middleton Bridge into Bolton. Young people returning from a sugar party told the sheriff that they had seen a man ride past earlier, that he appeared to be in a big hurry and the horse had been foaming at the mouth. They found the poor beast about a mile from Edgecomb Pond at the home of a man named Ase Smith. The horse's tail had been cut off for the purpose of concealing its identity. Smith told the men that when Jackson had been unable to sell the horse to him he had deserted it.

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