Thoughts on Collard, Jimmer, the good and the bad

Jimmer, NOOOOO!!! I can't believe it's all over. No more Jimmer. No more three-pointers from just outside the mezzanine section. No more radio hosts trying to tell you Jimmer is not good when it has been proven during the awards season that he is the best college basketball player in recent history. In short, no more Jimmer-mania.

The loss to Florida in the NCAAtournament was not frustrating for me, because you could tell at the end of the game that the BYU Cougars had given everything they could. They just ran out of gas. Much like Butler did in the championship game.

Either way, it was great to see a once-in-a-generation athlete who has replaced Danny Ainge in the pantheon of BYU athletics. All from a boy who was raised by a pair of Whitehallers and played his ball in Glens Falls.

Good news, bad news. Hey, the next time you buy a $54 pair of kicks, you will not have to give the state $2.16 for the right to buy them.

However, you may now have to give that amount to the county, as they are looking to increase their sales tax rate from 3.75-percent (which means you give $2.06 to the county for the same purchase) to 4-percent.

That means, if the sneakers cost $56, then you will pay $4.48 in sales tax.

Personally, as long as this sales tax is going to keep my property taxes down, I can live with it. If the money raised is just going to be used for "extras," then I would rather see things stay the way that they are.

Keith Lobdell is an editor with Denton Publications. He can be reached at keith @denpubs.com

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