Heisman Hopefuls coming to town Friday

PLATTSBURGH - The Heisman Hopefuls will be making their first stop in Plattsburgh.

The Binghamton-based band will be playing a show at Olive Ridley's Basement, 30 Marion St., this Friday, April 8.

"We're really excited to be coming up," said bassist Patrick Bayer, who added the band will be playing the show with friends in the band Lie Captive.

The Heisman Hopefuls - which consists of Bayer, Tyler Reed on vocals, Sam Festa on guitar and Tom Towner on drums - got together in 2009 after each member of the group parted ways with the bands they were in, said Bayer.

"We felt like we'd finally found the right group of people with the same goals and vision," said Bayer.

Each brought something different to the table, resulting in a sound that is constantly evolving, said Reed.

"We're kind of leaving the pop-punk genre behind a little bit with our newer stuff," said Reed. "We just kind of feel its too watered down of a genre and too overdone. It's time for us to just do something ambitious and be the band we know we can be."

What's going to make that happen is the band's energy, Reed added.

"We are a band that really takes pride in what we do," he said. "We are 100 percent about the music and we hate it when people are driven by money or fame. I personally feel we make an impression by actually connecting to people when we play and for giving them an outlet to escape from their problems and feel alive for a little bit."

The Heisman Hopefuls have two albums under their belt, the first of which - "Thirsty for Blood" - was released in 2009. Last summer, the band released "A Fist Full of Heart and a Story to Tell."

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