Throwaway Pups

Hope everyone is enjoying this warmer weather, the dogs sure are! We are sad to say that Brooklyn is no longer with us, she was sadly hit by a car while playing outside. Please make sure your animals are in a secured location, and drivers, please take caution when driving in an area you know that there are dogs and children. We are in the process re-fencing the whole yard and we are in need of gravel for our driveway. Can anyone help?

Throwaway Pups has a variety of pups for adoption, beagle mixes, lab mixes, pitty mixes, and fuzzy mixes. Throwaway pups has been in the process of helping local puppies find good homes and spaying and neutering mom and dads. We are starting a spay and neuter fund to try and help the animals of surrounding communities get spayed and neutered. We could use all the help we can get.

Flea season in right around the corner, please make sure to get a flea and tick preventative for your animals. It is easier to prevent them then it is to get rid of them. Using a preventative will help your animals from flea allergies hot spots, biting adult fleas (which bite humans), skin infections, tapeworms, Lyme Disease, ehrlichia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever , and fleas and ticks in your home.

As the warmer weather comes upon us, we will be looking for volunteers, to help with walking and socializing dogs. If interested please contact us. Bring on the warm weather!

Please check us out at www.throwawaypupsrescue.org, or feel free to email us directly at tapadoptions@aol.com. Hope to hear from you!

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