Large crowd expected for 'World's Largest' sale

WARRENSBURG - A normally peaceful town known as "Gateway to the Adirondacks" is going to get its gates crashed this weekend, as tens of thousands of people descend on Warrensburg for the World's Largest Garage sale.

This virtual stampede for the mother-of-all community sales - which has earned the town national attention - depends on the weather, of course.

As of Sept. 28, local oddsmakers were predicting this year's sale would be a gangbuster, as vendor reservations for properties are way ahead of last year, and the weekend weather forecasts looked favorable.

Cheryl Kenyon, of the Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the event, nearly guaranteed there would be no rain Saturday and Sunday, the official days of the sale.

"This could be our biggest crowd ever," she said, noting that vendor space sales were up 25 percent over last year. "It's going to be gorgeous."

Although event sponsors are expected to delve into hyperbole, Kenyon seemed to back up her prediction. She said the weather couldn't be anything but perfect, considering a week full of rain prior to the sale.

"I'm positive the skies will be all rained out by Friday, she said.

Each year, as many as 70,000 people swarm through the streets of Warrensburg to discover bargains and collectibles during the World's Largest Garage Sale.

Featuring 1,000 or so garage sales and vendors, it's huge.

The event has attracted national attention, and its fame has endured for decades.

The sale has set records and launched knock-off events. It's helped local families cope with winter fuel bills. It's earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Most of all, it's given tens of thousands of people a reason to visit Warrensburg and experience the town's charm.

For two days, the streets of Warrensburg are awash in humanity and vehicles cram the town for a two-day frenzy of bargain hunting.

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