Turning Back the Pages 10-2-10

Wedding bells chime for local couples

Thurman J. Merrick and Miss Jessie Edmunds, both of Lake George, were married Sunday afternoon, Sept. 18, 1910 by the Rev. W.S. Warren at the Baptist parsonage in Warrensburgh.

James A. Ingraham of Athol and Miss Clara Combs of North Thurman were married Monday evening, Sept. 19, 1910 by the Rev. E.H. Hovey at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David I. Combs in North Thurman.

Moldy time capsule unearthed

Donald T. Paige has been doing some remodeling at his home in Stony Creek and he pulled out some newspapers out of his walls, which were commonly used in bygone days as insulation. He brought along a sample and the aged newsprint was so fragile that it was not safe for me to even breathe on them. However, they offered a tantalizing glimpse of the world of long ago.

These editions of the Post-Star blasted headlines of shocking world scandals across their front pages.

The artist Adolphe Steinheil was killed Nov. 14, 1908 by the Grand Duke Alexis of Russia, uncle of the Czar, who than killed himself. Mme. Japy, stepmother of Mme. Steinheil, was not slain but became so upset at seeing her son-in-law murdered that she choked to death on her false teeth which she swallowed in her excitement.

Modern-day area residents have said that it is amazing that things that occurred 100 or more years ago are happening again today. For example, a headline told of a mine cave-in on Nov. 30, 1909 in the London Copper Mine near Knoxville, Tenn. In the news of Sept. 2010, 33 Chilean miners are suffering months of underground imprisonment in a cave-in at a mine in San Jose, Chili.

A columnist in 1909 wrote that wild geese "never feed without dispatching scouts or sentries." The sentry diligently scans the area looking for danger to the flock while the rest feed in peace. He notes that after a time one of the sentries tires of his job and goes up to a fellow goose and gives it a gentle peck on the back and that bird stops grazing and dutifully takes over his turn as the group's guard. Today I am sitting at my computer and I can see through my window a flock of nine geese in my back yard following this same ritual.

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