Parent's Pizzeria challenges you to eat their hottest wings

PLATTSBURGH - These chicken wings aren't for the faint of heart.

Parent's Pizzeria has been serving up some particularly hot wings since earlier this year, issuing a challenge to their customers - eat a dozen of their hottest wings and they're free. Sound simple? Don't be so sure.

"We've actually had about 60 people try and had seven people do it," said Chris Parent, owner of Parent's Pizzeria.

What makes Parent's wings so hot?

"We make our own suicide sauce here with chili and habanero and then I add an additive to make it a real challenge," said Parent, who noted wings for the challenge are 10 times hotter than their normally hottest wings. "Oh, yeah. They're hot."

Casey Goddeau and his brother, Bow, took on the challenge - and won.

"It was a challenge," admitted Casey. "They're huge wings, but they're definitely a challenge. They're spicy, but have a good flavor. My brother ate them a little quicker than I did."

Bow said it "was probably the hardest challenge I've ever taken on."

"The very first bite or so wasn't bad. It was after that it started kicking in," said Bow. "It was bad."

"It kept getting worse and worse, the more I ate," Bow added, laughing. Though the smell of the hotness is enough to make your eyes water and your nostrils tingle, Parent's wings don't make everyone's taste buds tremble in fear, Parent admits.

"We've had some people say they're the hottest thing they've ever ate and we've had some people say they make hotter," said Parent. "I actually had a gentleman who did it in two and a half minutes then wanted the leftover sauce - because I mix it in a bowl - poured on his pizza."

And, though some might consider taking on the wing challenge as a display of insane male machismo, it's not only men who take on the task of downing the piping hot poultry pieces.

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