Keeseville 10-2

October is here and another season winding down. This is one of my favorite times of year and a big part of the reason for my living in the North Country. I love the spectacular colors that occur for a brief time during the fall. So many vibrant oranges and deep reds are already appearing everywhere we look.

Sadly, the beautiful leaves don't stay on the trees and we have the piles of leaves to deal with. This is the first fall since the new laws have been started regarding what can be burned, so make sure to check, as I believe leaves are not to be burned. The new laws make sense as fire is a devastating problem the costs much in time, money, and resources.

Now is also the perfect time to have chimneys and stoves professionally cleaned before the cold season is upon us. I look at my stove and realize I could probably do it myself very easily saving quite a bit of money, but the experience and thoroughness of professionals gives me that extra sense of confidence that it really is all clean and in working order. The same goes for my snow blower as I certainly don't want that to quit on me when I'm knee deep in snow. Also, this is the time to turn off and wrap or otherwise insulate pipes as the winter is a lousy time to be digging up and dealing with burst pipes. Getting septic tanks flushed as well may be a thought as again the cost goes up tremendously in the winter due to all the additional labor issues brought on by the cold and frozen ground.

So while I have truly enjoyed watching a chipmunk scurry around my birdfeeder stuffing his cheeks to bursting point with seed before scampering off to return empty cheeked for more, he does make me realize that it is the time to scurry around and take care of things before the snow hits when I really don't want to be moving out of my warm chair to deal with preventable emergencies.

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