Football Picking Contest - Can Big Blue stand up to Da Bears?

Ugh. It's really a shame when your team seems to play so well, only to have stupid mistakes prevent them from winning. The New York Football Giants had every opportunity to take it to the Titans, but ridiculous penalties and a few bone-head turn-overs was all it took to have them on the losing end.

No easy task for them this week, either, as Da Bears come to the Meadowlands. I think Coach Coughlin will go back to his old dictator ways this week to turn this season around with a huge Sunday night butt-whipping!

It seems as my Giants go, so do my picks. Somehow, Chris Fink, Carl Turner and Adam Lawrence turned in stellar 12-4 records for Week 3 to lead the way, but Craig Watson's 8-8 was enough to hold on to his one-game lead. It's still pretty tight at the top in this marathon, so I hope to creep my way back up the list.

You can make your picks online at www.denpubs.com, and while you're there, remember to check out Taylor Goodspeed's blog. You'll find it under Extra! Extra! He had some good insight on the Braylon Edwards debacle last week, and I'd imagine there'll be some gloating about the big win Sunday night over the Phins.


Tom's Week 4 Picks:

Jets 28, Buffalo 13

Cincy 21, Cleveland 10

Pittsburgh 10, Baltimore 7

Tennessee 20, Denver 14

Green Bay 27, Detroit 10

Atlanta 24, San Francisco 21

New Orleans 35, Carolina 14

St. Louis 24, Seattle 23

Indy 35, Jacksonville 17

Houston 20, Oakland 13

Philly 10, Washington 9

San Diego 24, Arizona 17

GIANTS 48, Chicago 0

Miami 28, New England 27

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