Doheny wins,

Doheny said he would welcome a UNYTEA endorsement should the group choose to change its stance. UNYTEA chairman Mark Barie has indicated a desire for that to happen following Doheny's victory in the primary.

Meanwhile, Owens is preparing for what he expects to be yet another three-way race.

"I have fought hard for tax breaks for rural businesses that create jobs here at home, support strengthening Social Security for current and future generations, and want to move our economy forward," said Owens in a released statement. "Both of my opponents take a different approach that doesn't serve as a plan to move our communities forward. They both support tax breaks for companies that outsource American jobs overseas, support privatizing Social Security which will put the benefits guaranteed to our seniors at risk, and want a return to the failed economic policies of the past that got us into this mess in the first place."

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