A Cameron descendant discovers his roots

Then, we wandered over to the area my Grandfather Rexford Reynolds Sr. had showed me when I was a youngster and explained that this was "Tory" Jim's homestead plot.

I asked Ken if his ancestors were calling to him and he smiled. He looked off into the river at the eddy, the island and the mountains as if he felt completely at home even though he had never been here before.

We talked about our lives and how glad he was that a peak had been named after his family. We traveled back to the Cameron Cemetery, where he took many pictures of the various Cameron gravestones.

I spoke about Henry Cameron and his son Don H. Cameron who had married my grandfather Rexford's sister Beatrice and their children Donald Reynolds Cameron and Myron Cameron. Then we went to a farmhouse nearby to visit briefly with Donald R. Cameron's widow Pearl.

Pearl explained when she had arrived from Virginia and that her sister Lilly was married to Myron.

Ken listened quietly still just taking all the information to be digested later. We took pictures of the beautiful white farmhouse and began to see the lawn as it might have been some 60-plus years ago when the Cameron clan met to celebrate James Cameron, who emigrated from Scotland in 1766, settled in Thurman seven years later, and is now memorialized as pioneer woodsman, farmer, and justice of the peace.

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