Will Big Blue show up this week?

Not a great showing by Big Blue last Sunday night. Actually, it's like they didn't show up. At least they got blown out by a really good team. And the Deadskins and Cowgirls both lost, which is nice.

Craig Watson and Pam McDonald led the way in our little contest with impressive 12-4 records for Week 2. Craig has a one-game lead over Marty's, and then there's a whole slew two-games back.

For those of you web-savvy folks who may have dabbled in my blog last year, I have good news: I'm not doing the blog this year! I've turned it over to my young friend Taylor Goodspeed, who, as of this writing, is mourning the likely loss of one drunken Jets wide receiver. Taylor is a big Gang Green fan with a lot of sports knowledge, albeit, some of it way out there. You can yell at Taylor online at www.denpubs.com. Got to Extra! Extra!, select Blogs, and look for Taylor's smiling face.

The New York Football Giants will have their hands full with the Titans coming to town, but I have faith they'll right the ship. Note to Coughlin and coaches: Some half-time adjustments, if necessary, would be helpful.

Dallas will be 0-3 after this week when they travel across Texas to play a hot Houston team. For my buddy DJ's sake, I'd like to say the Bills were gonna beat the Patsies, but, alas, I just don't see that happening unless Jim Kelley makes a surprise appearance. Jets at Miami should be one of the best games of the week. I was going to take the Jets, but the fact that Braylon Edwards will likely be riding the pine - or, more likely, in rehab - I've got to take the Phins at home.

Finally, I need to admit that Pittsburgh is good. The saying goes that defense wins championships, and the way they're playing, I'd have to agree. Their offense is horrible, but the dude with his hair flying around whose name I don't feel like looking up to spell correctly can single-handledly keep them in games. There, Darren, happy? GO BIG BLUE!!!

Tom's Week 3 Picks:

GIANTS 28, Tennessee 6

Cincy 23, Carolina 9

Houston 27, Dallas 3

San Francisco 21, Kansas City 20

Pittsburgh 9, Tampa Bay 7

New England 28, Buffalo 10

Baltimore 24, Cleveland 13

Minnesota 14, Detroit 13

New Orleans 20, Atlanta 17

Washington 10, St. Louis 9

Philly 14, Jacksonville 13

Indy 28, Denver 10

Oakland 13, Arizona 12

San Diego 27, Seattle 24

Miami 21, Jets 20

Green Bay 27, Chicago 17

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