Benefit concert for Roy Hurd Sunday

PLATTSBURGH - When Roy Hurd lost his home in Lake Clear to a devastating fire in July, he lost everything.

"It's been kind of crazy," said Hurd, a well-known local singer and songwriter and Redford native. "Some days, it feels like things are okay and getting back to normal and other times it kind of hits me when I go to reach for something we don't have anymore or we think about something we lost that we hadn't thought about. Things with strong emotional connections to history or the people we've known over the years."

Hurd and his wife, Amy Kohanski, weren't home at the time of the fire, which is something Hurd is extremely thankful for, he said. And, out of tragedy, Hurd said he gained a newfound appreciation for "what's important."

"We're fortunate no one was home at the time. Something like this helps you understand what's important and really makes you thankful for friends and family," said Hurd.

That's the focus of a new song born from the loss he and his wife suffered, said Hurd, he titled "The More Permanent Things."

"Those are the things I set my heart on because the other things are not permanent at all," said Hurd, who is now living with his wife in an apartment they've rented in Saranac Lake.

Though Hurd's home was insured there are still some things that will be irreplaceable, like keepsakes and even a special edition Fender guitar that was given to him as a gift.

Longtime friend Timothy C. Hartnett was with Hurd and Kohanski when they learned of the tragedy.

"We were out to eat and had just finished our meal and Roy's phone rang," recalled Hartnett. "He didn't answer it because he didn't recognize the number. It rang again and he still didn't answer it. Then, it rang a third time and I said, 'Roy, maybe you better pick it up. It could be an emergency.'"

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