A stream of mini-marshmallows

Let's see, what is there to talk about this week?

Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat at an awards show. Her shoes were made of meat, too. Had a meat hat on. Seemed odd-then I remembered I eat meat.

Brian Dubie and Peter Shumlin had their first debate. Many more debates to come. I think there should be only one debate and no commercials or factory walks or county fair or school visits. In the voting booth, beneath a photo of each guy, there should be 10 one sentence descriptions of things they'll do as governor. Read them and choose. That's it.

I have 20 t-shirts. I wear two. I don't buy t-shirts. I take t-shirts to the thrift store. T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts. Need a t-shirt? There are so many t-shirts.

Do kids notice subtleties of season? I don't remember noticing. I wish I did. I only noticed big things. My dad, school buses, Mrs. Marsh. For kids, it's Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas-connected by more of the same. Nice adults notice subtleties or time would pass even faster, if that's even possible.

When you arrive at a house that has dogs that bark as you arrive, the owners chide the dogs in a tone that suggests they're surprised the dogs are barking. When that happens, I think it's the first time the dogs barked when someone arrived.

My cat sits looking up at the door to my hall closet for long stretches of time. She sits there, looking up at the door. She's still alive. Curiosity didn't kill the cat. Her kidneys will. Curiosity made the cat fun to own.

The first few times I visit the bathroom after I've eaten beets, my urine is colored red. When I eat asparagus my urine gives off a pungent odor. I have a sweet tooth and sometimes for a late-night snack I'll gobble several marshmallows. After, when I visit the bathroom, I see mini-marshmallows. Well-not really, but wouldn't that be fun?

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