Three things and a survey

Purpose and conviction: if while hiking you come across a bear and you're scared to death, but you act unscarred with purpose and conviction, the bear walks away (not sure that actually works, but it's what the guys who know lots about bears all say-at least the ones who haven't been eaten yet - I'm sure you know that there are two types of guys who know lots about bears. Ones who've been eaten, and ones who'll be eaten)

Or like when you're under age and you want to get into a strip club; act with purpose and conviction like you are of age and they let you in (this works).

•Third thing: Candidates-if they think they're right for the job, they're right for the job, and they'll get votes. Doesn't matter if they're actually more right at mending stinking heelless socks then mending the state; what matters is, they think they're right for the job.

While at my booth at the summer fair seeing thousands of all types of folks, I decided to conduct what so many others do regarding political campaigns: a survey.

My questions:

1. Is Peter Shumlin for or against closing Vt. Yankee?

2. Do Brian Dubie and Barack Obama share or differ on the gay marriage issue?

3. What has Deb Markowitz' job been the last 12 years?

4. Brian Dubie's hometown?

5. (Bonus question) What is Michelle Obama's maiden name?

First survey: Thirty-five-year-old women, mother from Vermont's NEK, successful business person, drives miles and miles, hundred of clients, pretty, clean, bright, friendly. Got 'em all wrong. The answers were, she said, "on the tip of my tongue."

Second survey: I looked into the eyes of a guy, probably age 40, working-class guy, six feet two or three. I told him I was doing a survey-a political survey-and it had nothing to do with grading his smarts or intelligence; his answers where part of a group and wouldn't be credited to anyone, let alone him. He nodded gently. This guy was perfect; a strong, not young, not middle-aged working guy is the prototype for whom the politicians say they want to help. Surely this guy knows what's up with today's issues because his life depends on them right?

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