Autumn's approach

The smell of woodsmoke will again scent the forest air, as a familiar musty, pungency returns to the woods. The daylight hours will grow shorter, the weather will get cooler, the breeze stronger and as fallen leaves begin to cover the trails, the season will be in full swing.

I spoke with Ed Reed, a wildlife biologist with Region 5 DEC in Ray Brook, about prospects for the early season and he explained, "It's been a really good year for black cherries, and it appears it will be for acorns and beechnuts, although we'll have to wait and see if the beechnuts actually produce."

"There is a good natural food supply and I'd say that the Adirondack bear population is pretty stable. However, it has been a light year for nuisance complaints, which usually indicates a slow early season."

It stands to reason that with readily abundant natural food the animals won't have to venture far in search of a meal. Less travel means less exposure and fewer opportunities for hunters

Hunters should expect to find thick woods in full foliage on opening weekend, with seasonal temperatures ranging in the 60's.

The American Sportsman -

An endangered species?

Currently, the majority of Americans reside in the cities, we have gradually become an urban nation. So has the rest of the world, they have gravitated to the cities. For the first time in history, the majority of the earth's human population now lives in urban areas.

As a result of this process, a majority of the nation's population has become detached from the land. We have lost our rural roots. In many cases, our children lack for actual experience in the wild, they have become estranged from the outdoors.

This process has proven contrary to our instincts, our genetic resolve. Human beings long for the outdoors! It has been established that we have a physical and psychological need to spend time in natural surroundings. For over 10,000 years, our species lived on the open Savanna, were we evolved into the world's apex predator.

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