Mill Creek Musings 9-4-10

Almost everyone loves a newborn - whether it is a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, a newly hatched baby bird, a cuddly kitten or puppy, a foal standing on shaky legs, an elephant born on the African Savannah or a tiger cub in India. Newborns are tiny replicas of their adult parents. They have the same features and characteristics, but in miniature.

When an elephant is born, the mother and other femalesencircle it and gently nudge it to a standing position. Foals grow quickly into colts and are soon prancing around the paddock. Butterflies take off right away, while baby birds need to spend some time in the nest before they test their wings.

Human babies are, I believe, the most dependent of all God's creatures. After a gestation period of about 40 weeks, they announce their presence in the world with a wail. All their needs for the next few months are met by their mothers. The baby eats, sleeps, grows and flourishes in the love of his extended family.

We marvel at the tiny fingers and toes, the eyes that seek out the light and human faces, the lips that move without speech and the downy fine baby hair. We treasure the fact that they are as yet unblemished by the world.

Can you tell that I'm a new grandma - again - and I'm smitten with this precious grandchild who is a living reminder that life goes on?

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