Library Beautification

NORTH CREEK - The Johnsburg Library is now boasting some colorful landscaping at their rear entrance, which leads to a newly installed handicap access door.

The project began in 2008 when the library received a New York State grant for libraries. The funds were matched by fundraising efforts for the library and groundbreaking for the project began this spring.

"The library has never been handicap accessible," said librarian Susan Schmidt. "We wanted to fix that so that even those in wheelchairs could come enjoy the library."

The process was lengthy, according to Schmidt, but the project is now completed and features landscaping, flowers, a heated sidewalk and an automatic handicap door at the library's rear entrance.

"One of the initial reasons for the project was to solve the parking problem at the library," said board of trustees member Denise Conti. "There is not enough parking in the main lot and we wanted to encourage people to park in the back lot and it worked."

The Johnsburg Library honors its volunteers who made the project possible.

Landscaping was completed by Marjolaine Arsenault, Judy Brown, Karen Hanley and Leon and Chris Morin. Work on the sidewalk was done by John Schrade, Gary and Travis McKee, and Seth Dunbar. The new entrance was built by Danny Kirkey and Doug Robinson, and Bob Eberhard will be building a park bench in remembrance of Mary Lou Cole. A tree will also be planted and dedicated to Joan Van Epps.

"The renovations are more than adequate and I didn't realize how beautiful it was going to be," said Schmidt.

Donations were received from Braley and Noxon; Larry Carr; Joe, Aiden and Liam Connelly; Louis Falzerano; Peter Gilbertson; John Goddard; Jake Haker; Dan Hitchcock; Peter Nightingale; Jeff Fosdick; Brendan, Casey, Seamus and Steve Tomb; the Lake Placid Education Foundation; the Charles R. Wood Foundation; the Glens Falls Foundation;the Community Fund for the Gore Mountain Region; and the Friends of the Johnsburg Library.

"We are indebted to them for the funds to build this wonderful entrance to the library," said Conti.

Members of the Johnsburg Library trustees committee welcome the public to visit the library Wednesday through Saturday and have a look at its facelift.

"It is wonderful to see how a town can offer up so much for the good of the community," said Conti.

For more information on the Johnsburg Library, call 251-4343.

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