Go easy on ol' Uncle Ted

For those of you who have yet to hear, Ted Nugent, the 61-year-old rock icon turned hunting show host, was recently in the news for violating nearly a dozen game laws while taping an episode of his show "Spirit of the Wild" in California.

Nugent reportedly hunted over an attractant called "C'Mere Deer," which California does not allow. He also took a spikehorn with his bow in an area with antler restrictions.

The episode of Nugent shooting the young buck aired on the Outdoor Channel in February, and California game wardens viewing the show were quick to notice Nugent's violations.

He was originally facing 11 charges, but agreed to a deal with Yuba County prosecutors this month under which he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors and agreed to a $1,750 fine.

While some may chastise Nugent - who has long championed ethical hunting practices - for not knowing local laws, I would hope the majority can look past this err in judgement.

Ted Nugent has been a positive force among sportsmen and gun activists for decades, fighting for rights the antis claw at every day. His unselfish ways with our military, the disabled and our nation's youth are well documented - a fact he should be commended for.

In this age of broken promises and double talk, Nugent isn't afraid to speak his mind at the risk of being politically incorrect.

He says the things the majority of us are thinking but are afraid to put in print and has sent many a bunny hugger scurrying down the hole from which they emerged.

For this, I think ol' Uncle Ted deserves a "C'mere Deer" salute.

Moreover, I would hope folks consider the circumstances surrounding Ted's case before passing judgement.

While I know neither Ted or I would ever advocate breaking game laws, I think many game wardens would readily admit there is plenty of ambiguity and grey area in some.

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