Monopole Madness to help keep the Lumber Jills rollin'

"It's going to be a really fun night," Cummins said. "There's going to be a lot to do. It's not like your normal night at the bar."

Throughout the evening various bands will take the stage - Secret Secret Dino Club, a pop group from Saratoga; Bike to the Future, a punk band from Plattsburgh; Forever Endeavor, a two-piece rock band, also from Plattsburgh; More Faster, a ska band from Middleton; and Plattsburgh's party funk band Eat.Sleep.Funk. will continue throughout the rest of the evening.

"It's really a nice mix," said Cummins. "There's just a variety of music, which really isn't available at the bar scene."

The event will also feature Sharpie tattoos by Lumber Jills member Liz Allen, Dollar-a-Minute massages, and a photobooth.

We ask for a donation on the Sharpie tattoos because it takes her awhile to do them and it's all personalized," Cummins said.

Admission to the evening is also by donation, with $3 to $5 suggested.

"We're hoping to get more events in the future to keep the dues low and kind of make sure that we're reaching our goals ... and improving our sustainability," said Cummins. "Then, we can actually bout and the people who support this kind of stuff can actually see where their money is going."

The team is already preparing for their next event, Fresh Meat and Greet, which will be held at the North Country Food Co-op, Friday, Sept. 17, from 5:30-7 p.m. The goal is for people to come for a Q & A session. The team is also looking for more potential team members, referees, and other volunteers. Most of all, they are in need of a coach.

"We have a coach of sorts right now," said Cummins, referring to teammate Marissa Buergin. "But it would be nice to have someone outside of the team coach us. She's a player and acting as a coach ... but it kind of cuts away from her being able to practice."

Cummins said all they are looking for in a coach is a decent skater and an idea of how the game is played.

"If you have a good ability to push someone and to make them try their hardest," she said. "Or you know how the game is played and could relay that information correctly in a manner everyone can digest."

For more information about the North Country Lumber Jills, visit their Web site, find them on Facebook, or e-mail freshmeat@plattsburghrollerderby.com.

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