Things that go bump in the night? Group investigates area 'haunting'

While in the attic, they physically heard what sounded like a little girl laughing. The two members perceived the sound was coming from outside the building; after taking a peak out the window, the sound disappeared. Once the investigation was finished, they reviewed their voice recorders to see if they caught the sound on tape. They did.

After listening to the recording a few times and then conducting research online, they came to the conclusion that the sound was actually that of coy-dogs and not of the paranormal. Coy-dogs are a bread of coyote with a distinct laugh. Packs of coy-dogs have been seen around the greater Burlington area. The night guard from the museum confirmed that though coyotes on the Shelburne Museum grounds are rare, they have been seen.

GMPS officials said they will continue to review evidence from the investigation. If something paranormal is found, the group will release the evidence to the local news media.

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