Things that go bump in the night? Group investigates area 'haunting'

Last Saturday, the Green Mountain Paranormal Society members were invited to the Shelburne Museum to investigate a suspected haunting. While local skeptics looked on, six GMPS team members spent seven hours investigating the Dutton House. They were joined by four museum employees.

There have been many different experiences reported at the Dutton House. They've claims of doors unexpectedly slamming shut and apparitions appearing throughout the building. Several employees have also reported hearing a little girl screaming at various times of the day.

For this investigation, the team set-up five infrared camera's throughout the house.

Three I.R. cameras were placed on the second floor where there have been reports of apparitions appearing and also of a little girl screaming.

Another camera was set-up in a room known as the parlor. The parlor room was frequently used for funerals and many tourists and employees of the Shelburne Museum have reported apparitions appearing in this room.

The final camera was set-up in a large kitchen area. In this room, an employee reported the apparition of a young man dressed in colonial outfit appearing behind him. The team is still in the process of reviewing video.

At all investigations, according to GMPS, the group seeks to explain the unexplained through strict research methods and an object (and often skeptical) approach to paranormal investigation. They use several gadgets to help provide answers to suspected hauntings and experiences outside of the norm.

For this investigation, the team used an electromagnetic field detector (EMF detector), a K2 meter that also assists in detecting magnetic fields, and digital voice recorders. Many team members also carried around a digital camera in hopes of catching a picture of one of the apparitions.

The Dutton House investigation remained quiet. No apparitions were seen, the only door that opened unexpectedly was the front door but was explained away by the high-speed winds blowing it open. Two investigators believed they heard the voice of the little girl, but were able to prove the noise was not out of the ordinary.

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