The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

It brought up its hands-they were not paws-because of the brightness of the light. I could see fingers. It had a lot of hair, hanging like on an orangutan's arms. It had big eyes that glowed red in the spotlight. It was real-right there in front of me. It let out a scream-not like a woman; it was more like a human male screaming with a deep-tone voice. It made every hair on my body stand right up!

The instinct to 'shoo' it away was there, but then I thought: is this a man in a monkey suit? And what if I killed somebody? I'd go to jail, cop or not.

Then it turned to move away and saw its back.

It had muscular tone and its hair was from mid shoulder blade down to the top of its hip area. You could see leaves and mud caked in its hair.

To be continued.

Check It Out: If you've seen Bigfoot in your area, have something unusual to report, or are simply interested in learning more about Sasquatch research in Vermont and New York, contact Bill Brann of NSRS at northernbigfoot@yahoo.com or call 518-747-9134. All sighting information is kept strictly confidential.

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