The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

The grass in the field I drove my car into (off Abair Road) was above my hips; it was a field the farmer had let go. I drove the car 100 feet off the main road. (The trooper drove his car into another part of the field.)

We switched our C.B. radios to a quiet channel where no other people were talking... He was in another spot of the field about 1,000 yards from me; we were both watching, talking occasionally-like 'did you see it yet?', etc.

Off to my right-and in front of the trooper's car-you could hear a noise in the branches. There was something in the woods, maybe 700 feet away.

A few minutes passed. I next heard the trooper yell out: "I hear something-what the hell is it?!" Then louder from the trooper: "I am getting the hell out of here!"

The trooper backed out of the field and headed back to Whitehall. He was gone. Now this is a New York State Police trooper! He just left me there, alone in the field. It gave me goosebumps.

Next, the branches started moving again. The way that I can explain this-and I will until the day I die-is that if you put a fat person in corduroy pants-you know that swooshing sound the material makes?-well, that's what I heard. The (swooshing) sound would start and stop. Start and stop.

I heard no other noises. It was a quiet night.

I then realized (that whatever it was it) was getting closer and closer.

I was out of the car with the door open; a 200,000-candle-power electric spotlight in my right hand and a gun in my left hand. Next, something inside told me to turn on the spotlight.

Well, as I turned on the spotlight-maybe 30 to 35 feet in front of my vehicle I saw it.

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