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PERU - Dozens turned out despite the rainy weather for the inaugural Peru Homecoming 5k run as part of Peru High School's homecoming festivities Oct. 16.

Tony Casey was named the overall male winner with a time of 16:56 while Meghan Mazzella was named overall female winner with a time of 22:13.

Winners in other age divisions were as follows: Hunter Caron, 12 and under division, with a time of 25:40; Pappy Hogan, 13-19 division, 21:12; Mike Francia, 20-29 division, 17:47; Scott Coleman, 30-39 division, 23:23; Tom Plimpton, 40-49 division, 20:22; and Frank Woodward, 50 and older division, 25:11.

Overall results were as follows: Tony Casey, 1st, 16:56; Mike Francia, 2nd, 17:47; Tom Plimpton, 3rd, 20:22; Jason Amoriell, 4th, 21:06; Pappy Hogan, 5th, 21:12; Meghan Mazzella, 6th, 22:13; Brian Post, 7th, 22:56; Scott Coleman, 8th, 23:23; Matt Berry, 9th, 24:07; Sandy Rasco, 10th, 24:31; Travis Watts, 11th, 24:50; William Maverick, 12th, 25:02; Frank Woodward, 13th, 25:11; Katie Francia, 14th, 25:19; Hunter Caron, 15th, 25:40; David Bruce, 16th, 25:42; Ben Post, 17th, 25:53; Ruth LaClair, 18th, 26:02; Chris Mazzella, 19th, 27:09; Tracey Howard, 20th, 28:48; James Howard, 21st, 29:08; Maxim Rock, 22nd, 30:13; Danielle Remillard, 23rd, 30:19; Chelsey Farrell, 24th, 30:20; Joe Madden, 25th, 31:31; Shawn Davies, 26th, 32:10; Patrick Carroll, 27th, 33:29; Sheila Dumont, 28th, 38:19.

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