The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

Bill Brann interviewed the eyewitnesses later. Bill, can you jump in and continue?

Brann: Ok.

Brian heard a report on the police scanner that something was going on. Now the Gosselins only live a few miles from Abair Road. So, Paul Gosselin and his father had walked out into the field. They were then greeted by a tremendous vocalization that trumpeted across the field! Father and son moved back to the safety of the edge of the road.

Meanwhile a deputy sheriff was out in the field with a searchlight. The light fell on the thing.

The deputy blurted out: "What the hell is that?!" (He later denied saying that.) They all knew exactly what it was. But they never labeled it (as Bigfoot).

I was there for a long time interviewing everyone to get the story. What they said, as I was told, was that it was between seven- and eight-feet tall. It had long hair in the back and walked with a slight hunch. Because it was dark outside, they couldn't distinguish any fingers, hands (or other details).

Ah, but this wasn't the end of it! Brian Gosselin can tell you all about his experience (his close encounter) on the following night.

To be continued.

Check It Out: If you've seen Bigfoot in your area, have something unusual to report, or are simply interested in learning more about Sasquatch research in Vermont and New York, contact Bill Brann of NSRS at northernbigfoot@yahoo.com or call 518-747-9134. All sighting information is kept strictly confidential.

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