The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

Gosselin: Well, I was a Whitehall patrolman in 1976. I was in my patrol car when another car comes barreling down Williams Street. It came to a dead stop right next to me. The guys in the car were clearly agitated. They told me they had just witnessed a weird creature on Abair Road.

"We need help," one of them said to me. "We gotta get this and we gotta get that." They were extremely excited.

I looked at them. Seriously, I replied, "what kind of stuff are guys on? Are you drinking?"

They were serious all right. They left me there and then went to the Petco station-it used to be an all-night garage- to pick up a friend Mark Penny.

Brann: Ok, I'll pick up the story at this point.

All three young men went back to Abair Road. I later questioned Mark Gosselin about what he and the others saw. He said that what they saw was a "large shadow" moving out into the field. (The landscape has changed quite a bit around there today.) They immediately drove back to Whitehall and then talked to Brian again.

Gosselin: These guys were serious. Mark was wound up; there was really something out there. So I called my father, a fellow police officer, who had just gone off duty. I also called the New York State Police and the sheriff's department. Two state troopers, a sheriff, my father, Mr. Penny, my brother Paul, and Marty went out there. When they returned there (Abair Road) they all saw the same thing at the same time. They had, what ever it was, in a spotlight... it was maybe 500 to 600 yards away.

You could see a monstrosity going up along the hedge row, then over a fence, and into a patch of thick briar and thornapple. That's where it disappeared. But this wasn't the end of it. It continued into the next day.

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