Newspapers are a thing of mine

Is the man's behavior selfish? Or am I selfish feeling like I won't lend him my paper the next time he asks, if only on principal?

I don't mind I wasn't able to read my paper when I wanted to, I just wonder, if I had a kid, would I teach he or she that if they forgot their paper on a certain day they should not borrow someone else's, but instead, they should go without that day, or wait and buy themselves one the next time they had the chance.

At least I got a kick out of the guy.

Funny thing, a couple days after, another guy, short, loud, always spoutin off about politics and how Stowe residents are constantly getting screwed, came barreling toward me and said "Hey Rusty, I forgot to buy the New York paper today, let me borrow yours." I said no.

No harm done all around.

Rusty DeWees tours Vermont and Northern New York with his act "The Logger." His column appears weekly. He can be reached at rustyd@pshift.com. Listen for The Logger, Rusty DeWees, Thursdays at 7:40 on the Big Station, 98.9 WOKO

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