Newspapers are a thing of mine

I was curious. Will he actually just "look" at my paper and for "just a minute," while standing beside me, and hand it back, or will he read my paper for a great deal more than a minute, on his favorite stationary bike, which is across the way and down from mine? And if he does read the entire thing, will he bring it back as soon as he's done, so if I'm done reading my Vermont paper I can continue reading with the New York paper, the way I so love to do every day of the year?

By the way, the guy is a good guy, we chat occasionally. He certainly knows I read my New York paper at the gym every day.

What does the guy do when I hand him the paper? He takes it to his bike, places his towel on the handlebars, sets the paper on his towel, settles in, starts spinning his legs, and reads. And reads. And reads. He ain't just taking a quick look.

When he's completely finished he turns to the vacant bike to his left, and sets the paper on the seat. He ain't bringing it back, at least not until he's done his workout. Holy crap!

I finish the paper and start on my book. Freaks me a little to be reading out of my regular sequence, but I hang in. My 30 minutes is up on the Stairmaster before the dude is completed his spin, so I go over and politely ask if he's "all set," with my paper to which he, while streams of sweat meander down his ruddy cheeks replies "Oh yeah, I was waiting for someone to come past here so they could bring it over to you."

"Oh," I nod, having already turned, paper in hand, to my stationary bike.

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