NCSPCA 10-16

Halloween is swiftly approaching, and with it, bags of sugary sweets that are waiting to be handed out to eager children in their costumed finery. You may want to be particularly careful of any purchases of chocolates you have made. Although candy in general is not a recommended treat for your pets, chocolate can be particularly dangerous - sometimes even fatal.

According to a recent article in US News and World Report, pets who consume chocolate can experience vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and urination, irregular heartbeat, tremors, seizures and even death. The culprit behind these symptoms is a substance in chocolate called theobromine. Not all chocolate poses the same risk, because different types of chocolate have varying concentrations of theobromine. The semisweet and milk chocolate in many favorite treats sport a higher concentration of the substance than white chocolate, for example. If your pet consumes a significant amount of chocolate, you should call a veterinarian or emergency clinic immediately.

Our featured pet this week is Skipper, a Maltese/Pomeranian-mix who wears a permanent smile on his perky face. Skipper has a lot of energy for a little guy and loves the opportunity to run around and play. He's very affectionate and gets along well with most everyone he meets. Despite his energy, Skipper is generally easygoing and doesn't get too hyper when he is enthusasitic. He would make a great addition to any family who has time to give him the attention and activity he needs.

You can come to the NSCPCA and meet Skipper any time during open hours, or at another time by appointment. Call (802) 962-8604 to talk to one of our shelter staff to set up a time, or to learn more about this frisky fellow.

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