The Congressional race and the local economy

Two-Party System I don't know about you, but I for one am really getting sick and tired of our two-party system. It's just to damn self-serving. I want to see candidates who are seeking office to solve problems ... in particular, my problems. I don't want to put anyone in office who's first interest is their party, second is their own self-interest and lastly comes their constituents. Far too much time is spent beating the other team over the head instead of finding solutions and seeking compromise. Before you know it, those of us not in office will have to resort to a form of "Fantasy Government" much like they do in sports. You know, when your team stinks you can take solace in selecting players from other teams for your make believe team, in make believe league and pretend they (really YOU) are winning. In sports you can win on many levels. Unfortunately with government, unless you are winning in the pocket book, it's pretty hard to put on a happy face.


Initial inquires have gone out to both Owens and Doheny camps regarding a debate in the coming weeks. I personally placed the calls. We will keep you abreast of a date, time, and location as soon as we can.

Local Economy

We continue to hear from local merchants that the flow of dollars in our community is not what it should be. We hope the recent "$25 on the 25th campaign" yielded some strong local action. But, it takes more than a one day reprieve to rebuild the lost confidence that is evident on our main streets. As a community we all have a stake in making things work and only when the dollars are flowing throughout the community will we be able to put this nasty recession behind us. I do see positive signs in other communities around us but this northern most region of New York State still appears to be lagging behind. A recent national study noted that only $15 remains in the local economy when $100 is spent at a national retail store while $45 remains in the community when $100 is spent at a locally-owned store. Here's hoping we get this thing turned around soon, as our ability to publish and deliver these papers is based solely on the local enconomy.

Daniel Alexander is owner and publisher of Denton Publications. He may be reached at dan@denpubs.com.

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