The Congressional race and the local economy

For some years now the editorial staff and I have been floating the idea of a regular publisher's column for the papers. In principle it should be common as the big nose on the end of my face. In reality, I'm a reader, not a writer. I've penned many columns over the years, but doing one weekly has always been my down fall. Blame it on writers block, not being a professional writer (my high school English teacher is still aghast I'm in this position), or not wanting to come off as a Know-It-All, which I am far from. All have contributed to the spotty appearance of offering a regular voice. I envy other publishers who craft regular, witty and insightful pieces. Perhaps in time I'll find a comfort level, but for now here goes as I dip my toes once again.....

23rd District

Mr. Hoffman, nice try but it's over. Well, at least that's what I originally wrote when I drafted this column a few days ago. We just learned this morning at press time (Oct. 5) that Mr. Hoffman has made the difficult choice to suspend his candidacy for the 23rd Congressional District. While he will remain on the ballot in name only on the Conservative Party ticket, he has encouraged his supporters to vote for Matt Doheny. After attending the two debates between Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Doheny it seemed clear to me that their positions on most issues were relatively close. The biggest difference between the two was their position on winning the Republican nomination. Matt made it clear once the people voted he would respect their choice while Doug made it clear he was in the race til November regardless of the primary. To me, there was something disingenuous about taking that stand but obviously a position Mr. Hoffman felt he needed to remain firm on, at least until after the primary. Clearly it was the right choice for Mr. Hoffman to withdraw and it was the right choice for the constituents of the 23rd District. Now it's time to let Congressman Owens and Doheny have a fair go at it without the "what ifs" of a third party candidate. Let's hope for a good race based on the issues and not personal attacks ... Hey, come on! I can hope, can't I???

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