Saving Mt. Ascutney: 10 reasons why

"1. It's just some beautiful lower slopes we're trying to save, not the whole mountain.

"2. Most of the funds needed have come from state and federal sources-let's get some of that money back for good causes here at home.

"3. The Weathersfield Land Preservation Association is donating $10,000 of the $30,000 needed in local funds, and pledges already received reduce the remaining need to $9,000.

"4. Do we really want to see a housing development on these undeveloped hills as we drive up Interstate 91?

"5. The Town of Weathersfield, and anyone visiting, will gain a town forest with public trails, a babbling brook, upland views, and a wetlands pond-310 lovely acres.

"6. Over 4/5 of all money received, all beyond taxes, legal fees, and administrative costs, will go to the Springfield Recreation Center, as specified in the last (land) owner's will.

"7. The frogs in the pond will thank you.

"8. The deer and other wildlife will thank you.

"9. Summer hikers and winter snow people will thank you.

"10. The thanks from all those who use the land will be forever (the Upper Valley Land Trust will make sure of that).

"11. This is a bonus reason, which can be used to replace any of the first 10 you don't like or as unexpected icing on the cake: President Calvin Coolidge in 1928 said, 'Vermont is a state I love. I could not look upon the peaks of Ascutney, Killington, Mansfield, and Equinox without being moved in a way no other scene could move me.'"

"Just like President Coolidge," according to Aikenhead, "the people who are trying to save the scenic slopes of Mount Ascutney are moved by the beauty of this mountain."

Check It Out: If you would like to help the Weathersfield Land Preservation Association raise the needed, remaining funds to save the foreslopes of Mt. Ascutney, make out a check to WLPA and mail it to: Bart Mair, Treasurer, 326 Henry Gould Rd., Weathersfield, Vt. 05151. If you have any questions or would like to know about volunteer opportunities, call Steve Aikenhead at 802-263-5439.

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