Turning Back the Pages 11-27-2010

•100 Years Ago - November, 1910•

Hill View doctor killed

While driving the night of Nov. 18 1910 to the home of a patient in his hometown, Dr. C.B. Stiles of Hill View (now known as Diamond Point) guided his horse over a steep embankment in the dark and was thrown from his carriage on to the macadamized state road, striking his head and fracturing his skull.

Dr. Stiles was on his way home from a call to visit a patient at Flat Rock and attempted to stop at the home of Edward Norton to see another patient on his way. To reach this place he was obliged to leave the state road. In the darkness it was impossible to see the outlines of the road and he guided his horse over an embankment near the Henry George place. He was taken to his home by rescuers where he remained in a comatose state until he died of his grievous injury the next morning. Dr. Stiles was highly esteemed by all who knew him.

Plane dropped, pilot died in front of fans

Word has been received that world famous daredevil Ralph Johnstone was fatally injured by a drop of 800 feet in his biplane at Overland Park in Denver, Co. He tried to remove his helmet after he struck the earth, gave a few short gasps and expired. From the time Johnstone lost control of the machine until it struck the ground it turned three complete somersaults.

Police lifted the motor which pinned him to the ground and struggled to hold back fiendish fans in the crowd and to prevent them from tearing bits and pieces from the wreckage to carry away as souvenirs.

Only recently in the Belmont Park tournament, Johnstone broke the world's altitude record in an ascent of 9,714 feet.

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