Saranac Gearing up for Seasons

"Saranac Chiefs will undergo changes this year with new coaching staff and many young and up and coming freshmen," said Davis.

The team's key strengths will be goal tending and team captains and leaders, as well as a great work ethic, he said. The year, however, will be a regrouping year with seven key platers lost from last year and nine from the year before.

Saranac Varsity Wrestling Team

The varsity wrestling team will be coached by Heath Smith.

The team will consist of Shawn LeGraves, Michael Dominy, Dylan Durgan, Codie Gillette, Kyle Staley, Hunter Bishop, Austin LaTulip, Trevor Goddeau, Lance Hackett, Michael Phillips, Ryan Guynup, Robert Secore, Joe Perry, Nate Wood, James Black, Joel Favor, Brandon Kiroy, Ben Perry, Tony Bushey and Josh Ryan.

"We have eight returning starters this year and with a lot of young wrestlers to help fill the varsity line-up," said Smith. "We are looking to make a run at a CVAC and sectional title this with only having one senior on the team."

Saranac Varsity Indoor Track Team

The varsity indoor track team will be coached by Jim Medeiros.

This year's boys team will consist of Ryan Kener, Matt Smith, Matt Terry, Travis Agoney, Nick Aierle, Jaylin Allen, Bill Badger, Decota Bapp, Nate Bedell, Jon Brown, Brandon Bushey, Conor Carrigan, Anthony Carrow, Greg Carrow, Adrien Carter, Dylan Charland, Nathan Cheney, Austin Couture, Chase Delisle, David Dormann, Corey Duval, Logan Frasier, Colbie Griffin, Casey Jackson, Quinn Jones, Taylor Kriplin, Mark LaPointe, Justin Liechty, Gus Light, Jake Martindale, Zach Mendoza, Dalton Mitchell, Micah Patterson, Noah Pearsall, Jon Raudenbush, Ed Seguin, Tim Snyder, Jake Spear, Sean Tyrell, Josh Wade, Danny Williams, Jarrett Wright, Jordan Wright and Levi Wright.

This year's girls team will consist of Samantha Aierle, Lexi Blockson, Alexis Bruno, Hope Craig, Emily Crawford, Alex Farrington, Lexi Haley, Tiffany Helms, Trisha Helms, Tricia Jackson, Amelia Jenks, Jaelynn Johnson, Abby Joyal, Morgan Kelly, Maureen Pellerin, Tori Phaneuf, Beth Plumadore, Kim Plumadore, Tawnia Provost, Maxine Rock, Tracy Rish, Nicole Turcotte, and Sabrina Bruno.

"I think we're going to have a very good boys team. A lot of the boys that had done outdoor track that hadn't done indoor track until this year have come out this season. We've got the bases covered," said Medeiros. "As for the girls, we've won the last 10 championships in a row. But, this is a smaller, less experience team. This is going to be a bit of a down year for us but we can still be competitive."

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