The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

L.V.: So they were clearly spooked by the invisible rock thrower?

Siecienski: Well, they knew that this area (near West Haven) has been the center of strange happenings.

L.V.: What other incidents have you investigated in this area?

Siecienski: Once again, in 1996, on the West Haven side of the Poultney River-across from Whitehall, N.Y.-a man reported to me that he had been fishing at the old iron bridge. He heard some splashing in the water. He didn't think much of it at first, but then decided to take a closer look. There-he claims-was a thing that looked like a gorilla, standing up to it's so-called knees in the river. He said it was picking up water like it was trying to drink, making all kinds of sounds. It terrified him so much, he picked up his fishing gear, got in his car, took off, and crossed the bridge. He said he never looked back and won't ever go fishing there again.

L.V.: Do you know where this thing, if it exists, might live?

Siecienski: Well, this is an area with very dense woods and swamps. Brian likes to describe it as being like the Amazon.

Gosselin: Yes, it's like going to the Amazon. From there (West Haven), and once you cross Lake Champlain (and South Bay), you have a stretch of forest that goes clear up to Ticonderoga-and that's just one mountain range. Northeast of Whitehall, East Bay stream is like the Amazon. There are miles and miles of wilderness and big swamps. Mountains, caves. There's a sawmill along the Poultney River and I am not even counting the 5,500 acres of that operation.

L.V.: I guess that if rare but intelligent mammals were trying to survive in the Vermont-New York region, there are plenty of secretive, remote wilderness places in which to escape from the prying eyes of humans.

Thank you, gentleman, for a fascinating discussion about Wejuk or Bigfoot sightings in our area. I hope this newspaper series will produce some fresh leads for your research.

Check It Out: If you've seen Bigfoot or Wejuk in your area, have something unusual to report, or are simply interested in learning more about Wejuk research in Vermont and New York, contact Bill Brann of NSRS at northernbigfoot@yahoo.com or call 518-747-9134. All sighting information is kept strictly confidential.

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