The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot


A group of dedicated researchers are searching the north woods of Vermont and New York for a strange creature long thought to be extinct-known in folklore as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. In the North Country of New York, New England and Quebec, the creature is known by its regional Indian name, correctly spelled Wejuk (wee-juck).

Bigfoot or Wejuk sightings are the focus of NSRS, the Northern Sasquatch Research Society based in Hudson Falls, N.Y. Its members include Frank Siecienski of Hubbardton, Brian Gosselin of Whitehall, Cliff South of South Glens Falls, and John Pearson and Bill Brann of Glens Falls.

In this final installment of our six-week-long Wejuk Files series, we talk with Sasquatch investigators Siecienski and Gosselin. Both men are members of NSRS.

L.V.: Frank, you've spent time researching supposed Wejuk sightings in Vermont. I know a lot of your work has focused on the Vermont side of the Poultney River. That seems to be a "hot spot" of sightings. Is that correct?

Siecienski: Yes. Not too long ago, I interviewed several fishermen who had been along the Poultney River. One of the men said he would never fish there again. I asked him, 'well, why not?' He was reluctant and said he didn't want to tell me. But then he opened up a bit. He told me that he and his wife had been fishing along the river in West Haven, Vt., in September 1996. They set up a camp for the night and relaxed with camp chairs and a bonfire. They were feeling good and catching a few perch and catfish. Well, at one point they were fishing and observed a splash in the water, right next to their fishing lines.

L.V.: Maybe a fish jumping in the river?

Siecienski: They thought some kids were fooling around nearby and throwing stones at them. Then it happened again. A stone dropped in the water-splash! Well, now the man became a little upset. Next, a very large rock-a boulder-came flying across the river. This time, the object hit the couple's Ford truck. So, the man was extremely upset at this point. He inspected the truck and saw that the fender had big dent in it. He also noticed the boulder on the ground near the truck. He then looked across to where the rock must have been thrown from and observed that no human could have possibly thrown a boulder from that distance. After seeing this, the couple decided to pack up all their gear and get out of there.

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