The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

L.V.: So we come down to it. What is this thing we're talking about? Your group is very sober. You approach this scientifically. Any ideas? Is this an ape man? An extinct Gigantopithecus? What?

Brann: There's a question mark about what this really was and is. There's no body, no proof, so you have to be careful what you label it. You can create a false image.

Here's an example of what can happen: in late August the Northern Sasquatch Research Society was called to investigate an incident at a youth soccer training camp on Goodman Road in Fort Ann, N.Y. We went out there to investigate. The place was deserted. Then a man appeared and told us that it was all an innocent mistake.

Apparently, one of the coaches dressed up in a gorilla costume to entertain the kids around the campfire. They knew this to be true. But one of the teens found a cell phone and called 911-as a gag. The local sheriff arrived and he investigated. Well, it certainly was not a hoax or a real Sasquatch sighting. But local people had heard the term "ape man" reported on their police scanners at home. So NSRS got the call to investigate. It turned out to be nothing. That's we are very careful.

Next week: NSRS members discuss Wejuk sightings in Vermont.

To be continued.

Check It Out: If you've seen Bigfoot or Wejuk in your area, have something unusual to report, or are simply interested in learning more about Wejuk research in Vermont and New York, contact Bill Brann of NSRS at northernbigfoot@yahoo.com or call 518-747-9134. All sighting information is kept strictly confidential.

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