The Wejuk Files: In search of Big Foot

Gosselin: The event is very fresh in my memory, but I get tired of retelling it. I've thought of writing my own book about it but this person, or that person, have had their fingers in it. I've thought of just writing an article about the incident. But what really upset me was that a certain television network-Outdoor Life Network-produced a documentary movie about it and distorted it all out of whack. Yes, I was consulted by the film crew, but then I signed a contract without reading it. I could have been getting royalties. The movie wasn't so much about Sasquatch as about making an author, Autumn Williams, look good. The film crew was actually afraid to shoot the film on location an dby the Poultney River. They shot it near Whitehall on land that didn't resemble the authentic site. They even had me as an on-duty policeman-I was off duty. It was supposed to be a documentary not a dramatic film.

Brann: When it comes to Sasquatch, there are always problems. It's always about the individuals and how they want to interpret things. For example, I co-wrote a book entitled "Monsters of the North Woods" but I didn't edit it. There are things in the book that shouldn't be there and things said that were never said.

L.V.: You didn't see galley proofs of your own book?

Brann: Four of us wrote the book and we never did. These are things that happen. That's why we're sitting down with you to discuss these things. We've been down this road too many times to get the truth out. Fifty years from now, historians will get it wrong because the contemporary accounts are wrong. It's important to get it right.

Gosselin: It's ironic how things have gotten distorted. Some people have become experts on the Abair Road incident who weren't even there-I was there. I know how it happened.

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