The next great war

However, the current generation will be the ones that will be sent to battle in the Climate War. It will be a struggle like none that we have ever faced, since the enemy resides comfortably in the luxury of modern day society.

The battle will require simple steps, known by such terms as reusing and recycling, alterative energy and carbon reduction. These battle terms are far removed from such infamous names as Iwo Jima, Midway or Verdun; but they are no less important in the conflict.

As a rule, American society is largely reactive. We have become too comfortable and complacent, as evidenced by the current financial troubles.

If there is any hope of facing down the most looming threat that modern day society has ever faced, it will be in the hands of the next generation. From what I have seen and heard in recent days, it appears to be in good hands.

New Game Reporting Schedule

A new NYSDEC regulation, that came into effect on Wednesday, Nov. 17, will extend the game harvest reporting deadline from 48 hours to 7 days.

The new regs will allow successful deer, bear or turkey hunters up to a week to report their harvest to the DEC. Hunters can file the reports through the agency's online reporting system or by calling 1-866-GAME-RPT (1-866-426-3778).

It is expected that the change will give hunters more flexibility for hunters in reporting their take. Harvest reports provide the important information that wildlife biologists need to gauge the populations of many game species. By helping the mangers, hunters are helping themselves.

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